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Does it cause trouble to start with 2nd gear?

Does it cause trouble to start with 2nd gear or to skip a gear while running?

While driving a stickshift car,you must have often left the gear position as you stopped at red light,which must have stolen the engine with wrong gear in restarting at blue light. 3rd gear is most likely to be taken wrong as 1st gear since it is in front as well as 3rd and 5th gear.That is why you sometimes assume 3rd gear as 1st gear.Or in heavy traffic,as you stop the car after moving ahead slowly,you leave the gear in 2nd or 3rd, then fail to start the car again.

If you left the gear in 2nd or higher one,you would be likely to fail in starting the car,or cause rattling along without adequate power.However,They do not matter that much as long as they are simple mistakes like above.

What matters the most is in starting with 2nd gear on purpose, or those who regularly starts a car with 2nd gear.

In a stickshift car,the most frequently used gear is 1st, then comes 2nd.It is ovbious if you consider the fact that a car always make the first move from staying still.You start a car with 1st,then upshift to 2nd.After that, you can cruise with 3rd or 4th.You rarely shift up to 5th aside from on high ways. On most roads in a city,you often go in slow speed with even less than 4th gear.When you get caught in a traffic jam,you go back and forth between 1st and 2nd.At any time,You generally up shift like 1,2,3,4 in steps,which means you definitely put it through 1st gear.

1st gear mainly works for starting a car, that is why no one normally keeps gas pedal on to so high rev with 1st may up shift to 2nd gear in earlier stage than to other gears.Some people take shifting from 1st to 2nd as tiring job,which leads to skipping 1st gear.

It is true that most cars enable you to start with 2nd gear if you engage gas pedal a little stronger.Sometimes you can start so smooth that the other drivers behind you never think your car is going slowly.In this way,you don't need to change gears up to around 60 km.

Although, we do not recommend to start in the way like this.Some of the reasons are below;
Gears installed in a car,each of which has the marks on the shift nob,are set in accordance with the character of engine.If you lost any of the gears,you would have some trouble with your car such as having vulnerability and low durability in the engine.

Skipping 1st gear on purpose means you set one of the gears invalid,which is equivalent to losing a gear.Plus,1st gear is the most friquently used because of its function of starting a car.That may make the engine over-working everytime you start the car.Therefore, you must avoid to skip 1st gear at any time.

In that sense,skipping any gear but 1st also cause the similar problems. For instance,upshifting from 1st to 3rd,2nd to 4th may cause trouble when you get use to it, even though it is less common than skipping 1st; For your information,skipping gears in downshifting has no problem as long as you mind the rev meter.
If you want to know when to change gears and what to do to avoid taking power out of engine.
If you want to learn more about the manner of changing gears,check out the booklet "How to change gears in a smartest way" in our website.

To start a car with 2nd gear every time out of your habit can cause troubles,there are 2 exceptions though.The first is on a snowy road.Basically,you can start a car with 1st gear like on a normal road as long as you have snow tires or tire chains on in a proper way.Still there might be the cases where you don't have snow tires ready since it starts snowing all of a sudden in a most unlike place to snow, or you can't start a car even with snow tires since it is deeper snow or slippery iced surface. In those cases,1st gear doesn't work in starting while making tires run around in vain at exactly the same place on the road.

In the cases above,you may want to push the gas pedal more,realizing how little your car has moved though you have already given a power to your right foot.You should hold there and put the gear to 2nd.While you are keeping the gas padal off or a little bit engaged,try half clutch carefully leaving the gear at 2nd.If this leads to stuck again,try the same thing at 3rd gear.On a slippery surface,1st gear gives it too much power for stepping the road ahead,causing a stuck in starting.If you change gear to 2nd or 3rd,less power of them works out good firmly grabbing the road.
note;In Automatic transmission,It generally comes with snow mode,which enables it to start easier with higher gear position.The point for each transmission is to keep the gas pedal off or a little bit engaged.Pushing gas pedal roughly can cause stuck.

The other exception is trucks.Most transmissions in trucks are set with 2nd gear as starting gear,while 1st gear is used for climbing steep slopes.Trucks are generally far heavier than vehicles for passengers.That's why trucks need more power to go and stop than those vehicles,especially if they load stuffs in the back.Most trucks come with a exhausting brake for stronger stopping power,which is an example of them.

At any case,it is the most important thing to drive with great sense of the art of gear changing and to try to know it better.If you have been learning how to drive a stickshiftcar,keep up learning how to make the most of your loved-car and to make it live longer.

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