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Half Clutch control

How to drive car in half clutch; contents

  1. What is clutch pedal like in a stick shift car?
  2. Figuring out how to push the clutch pedal
  3. What is half clutch?
  4. Is it tough to manage 3 pedals with your feet?
  5. Why doesn't automatic shift car have a clutch pedal?

1) What is clutch pedal like in a stick shift car?

Clutch pedal is 3rd pedal installed on the left side in The cockpit. This pedal is supposed to be handled with Your left foot.

Anytime you push this pedal, a pair of clutch discs set Close to engine moves to spare room from each other. This Motion gives tires idle time without any traction. This Is just like switched-off state in electric appliances.

On the contrary, when you keep your feet from the clutch Pedal, tires get full traction from the engine. This is like Switched-on state. The word clutch originally means jerking, grabbing.

The clutch system literally works by 2 clutch discs with it Movement back and forth resulted in giving engine power Two tiers

2) Figuring out how to push the clutch pedal

Clutch pedal is supposed to be pushed in different ways From other 2 pedals. Pedal normally should be pushed softly and gradually for Gas pedal and brake pedal in terms of smooth control.

Clutch pedal, on the other hand, is supposed to be pushed Quickly to flat out. If you pushed the gas pedal and brake Pedal in this way, it would be quite risky with overlay Quick motion. but it is correct in clutch pedal handling.

Clutch pedal works in giving traction force from the engine to tires and in controlling how much force to give.

To push clutch pedal, in other word, means to give no Power to tires. If you gradually pushed the Pedal, traction force of the engine would slowly be carried to tires, resulting in clutch-worn out.

Whenever you start and stop a car, you need to push the clutch Pedal to keep the car from the engine - stall. Without clutch System, to stop tires means to stop the engine. That is Why you need to push the clutch pedal in lower speed.

3) What is half clutch?

Clutch pedal manages how much power to give to tires and That is not by 0 or 100 basis, but to any extent you Need. Half clutch stands for the intermediate status between 0 To 100.

You only need half clutch when you pull back the Pedal. You should pull your foot as 0,20,30,50 Gradually, then 100 which means releasing the pedal. If you roughly released the pedal at a time as 0, then 100, the car would rush ahead or just stall there.

4) Is it tough to manage 3 pedals with your feet?

The automatic - car has only 2 pedals, while the stickshift - car has 3. You can rest your left foot in automatic-car. Now you May worry stickshift-car is harder and more tiresome too Drive all the way through.

You don't need to warry here,It can be operated naturall y with your can push any pedals without any stress when you get well accustomed.also there are many cars with foot rest in stickshift models.

on a high way,driving stickshift will give you no difference from that of automatic-car.

5) Why doesn't automatic shift car have clutch pedal?

automatic-car does everything you do in stickshift, as to start,stop and change gears. there are no clutch pedal and gear shifter.

the mechanism of automatic-car is quite differet from stickshift driven by a man.There is not a clutch plate, but a oil-based operating system which manage how to give power to tires.

Once you place the shift lever to D position,the car will automatically move foreword in slow speed.This is equivelent for halfclutch in stickshift-car.

I was not good at doing half-clutch operation when starting a car.

I did it well a few time by chance. I asked a friendly instructor to practice half-clutch many times when other cars may not disturb me, and it went fine at that case.

But onece I went on a street, the engine often stalled by my mistake at turning right and left corners. Then I gat to be panic.

Indeed the clutch went well with all concentration and the slowest operation, but on a street, I was very neurvous. Every street seans like running people, children riding bicycles, and crowded shops came into my eyes, and that made me so scared.

When I heartily think that;
"Woo, I'm driving in this familiar street!!"
I came strained and lost my concentration.

Then I became an empty even at instructor's voices, and made mistakes again.

After I got the driver's license, I still have fearfull feeling when starting stickshiftcars.

I thought I need to get over half-clutch before dealing with gears and hendling stearing wheel.

When I bought my first car, I practiced half-clutch day afeter day. Finally I have got the point of half-clutch operation.

Those hard practices gave me a chance to write the stickshiftcars' driving manual.

By the way, we sometimes recieve emails which contains Book's impressions and thanks from our readers. Noticably many mails from women drivers in these days. Here I introduce some of them.

>> Femaile/Tokyo
Now I'm going to driving school. I can't operate clutch well,so often the engine stalls. I love driving it's self so I want to improve my techniques by the manual booklet and DVD soon. I will try to prove that a woman can control a stickshiftcar. I'm looking forward to receive the manual.

<<A few days later >>
After seeing DVD and manual booklet,It makes me so fun to drive a stickshiftcar. If I'll have any question, I'll send a e-mail to you. Thank you.

>> Female/Osaka
I give this manual booklet to my hasband and let him read it, He said "It's interesting". He love sports cars and enjoying Heal&Toe and other techniques. I want to try driving like him, and going to circuit with him some day.

>> Female/Aichi
I read through the booklet today, at first I practiced with images of the half clutch in my mind. I got a driver's license which is limited to automatic transmission car at first time. Then I switched to stickshiftcar's license after short practice at driving school when I was 33 years old.That is because I had to drive trucks and vans of stickshift on my work, I usually drive my car only for shopping near home though. It was too short practice for me to get over the poing of halfclutch. When it comes to driving on streats,the engine stalls time after time. Especially I often mistake clutch in panic when a car is waiting beheind me.I lost my concentration and have only fears.

It passed several monthes without driving a car. I thought it is not good to leave my driving skills as it is, and I searched any information on the internet. Then I found this site and I tried this booklet with a little doubt that it gives me any improvement. I read the booklet through as soon as I download it. I thought some of them is already in my mind, but I never tried them before, so I practiced as it said soon.
"What? It's easy to doing halfclutch?"
It was actually easy for me to catch the point which had made me so wary before. Even I can start a car smoothely at a steep slope. One day my hasband said at the next seat that it's fine for me if I could start the steep way without side break. Then I could do in easy way. I tried many times,and sacceeded all time. He looks wander why I get over the clutch operation in short time.

...Those voices from readers are a symbol of the result which the booklet gives.
Here I will tell you one point to master stickshiftcar in short time. The most important stage of halfclutch is the timing to end a halfclutch. If you can catch the timming, you rarely make the engine stall. But nobody tells you the timming in right way, as far as we know. Most of the readers tell us thanks at this timming.

We can show the deteils with illustration in easy way.You will catch the point soon.

Stick Shift Cars booklet introducing Manga (Click to resize). 


  • It provides practical technique for actual driving sean which driving shool don't provides.
  • It is written in not mechanical and technical terms, but very easy words for begginers.
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  • It contains some simple illustrations which explain the difficult concept.


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  • Anyone who are going to driving shool to get stick shift car's license.
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  • Anyone who have long blank for actual car driving.



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