How to drive a Manual Transmission cars

Stick Shift Cars' can be much easier to drive with this techniques !

For begginers like her

Stick Shift Cars booklet introducing Manga (Click to resize). 

It's a short cut for Standard Shift Cars !




Stick Shift Cars- Tips to learn easier about manual transmission cars.Quick Master TIPs and Techniques of Stick Shift Car Driving (Standard Shift).

Just Read it throuth and train a few times, You'll be ready to drive anywhere!

  • When starting at 1st gear, you can avoid a stall if you take the rhymes.
  • Here is the datails you want to manage the clutch pedal and the shift.
  • The best timinig to change shift can be find at an indicator.


Readers' Voice
The keys of TIPs on the booklet is hidden by mark of ???.

Mr.K.Y (Akita Pref.)

I was supprised that I should change the gear when ??? the car is.
Now I can drive smoothely, and the more I succeed the gear change, the better feeling I can get with my car.

Mrs.N.T (Saitama Pref.)

I bought the booklet in this Feb. Then I started going to driving school to learn stick shift. After then, I finally bought my brand new car! Ofcourse It's a stick shift car. I really enjoy driving everyday.


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CONTENTS of Stick Shift Car Driving Technique

Half Clutch

It's hard for every one when driving stick shift for the first time. Teacher's explaination sounds difficult to understand,because the student can't hear it in panic situation. It's important to find the point of half clutch operation. This booklet gives you the finest explaination of successful half clutch.

Shift Change

The timing is the key for shift changing. Even the drivers who drive everyday may not know the point of smoothe driving. You never need to excersize your hand.

Slow Driving

While automatic car have only one action for slow driving; breaking. Stick shift car have several ways to keep slow speed. Let's learn to use engine break and practical way to drive in town.

Start at slope

It's difficult to start smoothely when you go up-word on slope. You can get the point of half clutch +alpha, then you never feel fears when stopping on slope.

Turning right and left

Many customers asks us the way and timing to turn right and left at the corner. This booklet gives you the good timing at every corner.

  • It provides practical technique for actual driving sean which driving shool don't provides.
  • It is written in not mechanical and technical terms, but very easy words for begginers.
  • It shows how to practice the stick shift car, and to get aquired in easier way.
  • It contains some simple illustrations which explain the difficult concept.

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  • And Interviews for many professional drivers.

  • Anyone who are going to driving shool to get stick shift car's license.
  • Anyone who have troble in stick shift driving in driving shool.
  • Anyone who are accustomed to automatic car, but try to learn stick shift.
  • Anyone who have long blank for actual car driving.



Love driving stick's!

Woman can hundle standard shift much better if you read it !!


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