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Executive Summary

Generally, niche business line-ups are the ones unlikely to gain a wide volume of sales. They cannot necessarily benefit from mass production manufacturing techniques. So that most assistive technologies can be considered niche products. In Japan, the majority of manufacturers are small or micro businesses who necessarily maintain a highly conservative business approach. However, most successful and large companies in Japan have started from the niche market and then showed dramtic growth.

Our niche business introduced or recommended by our site “Japan Niche Biz” outlines the approaches where, although intellectual property is protected, you are able to benefit for your niche business opportunites among your business communities in your home country.

Our niche business currently includes following line-ups:


To expand promotion of automatic wet towel dispenser for nursing-care facilities. In Japan, we have promoted and delivered quite a lot of dispensers to nursing-care facilities in Japan.


To promote health conscious menu using Japanese green juice. We would like to expand its business including proposing unique menu such as Green Juice Pasta, Green Juice Bread.


To expand promotion of Golf Simulator. In Japan, the golf bar is quite trendy. We would like to propose it as indoor type and general golf practice range. Utilize empty space of 660 m2.


To collaborate Practical Business Cram School networking between overseas and Japan as to encourage business people (talent) and make business friends worldwide.

・JAPAN RE-USE ASSOCIATION - BUSINESS INFORMATION AND NETWORKING To collaborate between Japan Re-use Association and similar Association of overseas. Now the time is eco, re-. To expand such activities making use of baby-boomer generation.

For your refence, please check PDF version of the niche business menu flyer by downloading the files >>> NICHE BUSINESS MENU FLYER Niche Biz Menu Flyer.pdf

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